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PG-13, мини
слэш, флафф, повседневность
О том, как Джон и Каркат готовят лазанью, и чем это кончается. Написано очень вканонно, ржал конём. %)
Assert lasagna looks “weird.” Listen to co-troll’s report that it looks like mummification. Protest. Reject co-troll’s opinion that it looks like something which died before it hatched. Reject idea you have cooked a horrorterror. Claim resemblance is more that of “ghost lung.” Co-troll suggests you “put [lasagna] out of its fucking misery” before “[the lasagna] wakes up”. (с)
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PG-13, мини
слэш, повседневность, немота
Пост-sburb: Дэйв не может говорить, Джон решает выучить язык рук и наконец понимает, что если перед ним ходят в одном полотенце, то, наверное, это неспроста. )))
TG: you sure about rooming together
TG: i mean i always thought girls needed their space
TG: and this means no more walking around in your bra and panties
TG: no more jazzercise in the living room in that sweet one piece you picked up on sale at target
TG: you cant do those kinds of things with a man around
TG: gives em ideas
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PG-13, мини
ангст, мб ООС, техно
Меня всегда задевали работы, в которых "неодушевленные" машины ведут себя куда человечнее людей.
You don't want to think about it because it makes you kind of want to cry- but you can't- you're just fucking machinery. You are gears and metal and uranium and Jake will never acknowledge your feelings because he won't acknowledge that you can even feel.(c)
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R, мини
слэш, техно
Бробот/Джейк икакбы Джейк/Дёрк
О том, какие сурпризы таит Novice Mode. Очень смеялся как-то, дрались-дрались, и тут ОПАЧКЕ. х)
“But no, seriously, what’s going on with you and him, if it’s within a median average of kosher I will eat every one of my brother’s shitty swords.”
“With me and it,” you say numbly. “It’s not a person.”
“It seems you are being disturbingly cagey.”
“It seems you are being as big a pain in my goddamn bum as your fucking robot!”
“My fucking robot.”
“Oh, can it. I mean-- fuck. You know what I mean!”(c)
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R, драббл
Неловкий меха-first time.
"Oh yeah," Sawtooth said. "Baby, your circuits are beautiful."(c)
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R, миди
слэш, ангст, AY
"Find A Temple, Build A Temple" часто поминают на тумбочке, и он того стоит - филинов предостаточно. Правда, местами показался чуток недоработанным, но он из тех вещей, в которых мне очень нравятся описания - с первых строчек понял, что всё равно же дочитаю.
"When I'm with you, I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop. You're too good, and I know you'll leave because I love you so much, and that's how it goes. I love things, and they leave. I can't be with you. It's not safe, and I don't want you to be there for me because I know how it's going to feel when you aren't anymore."
Jake covers his face with his arm because he can't hold it in anymore, and he doesn't want to look as broken down as he feels. He gets it now. "I'm not Dave, Dirk. I'm not your parents,"(c)
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NC-17, мини
слэш, pwp, facials, bondage
Джейк, наконец, погуглил прабуккаке. :alles: Тот случай, когда мне нравится, каким в диалогах выписан Дёрк (да, там есть диалоги, лол).
"Okay," Jake said. He cleared his throat. "I do trust you, you know."
"Yeah, I know," Dirk said.
"Even though you don't deserve it," Jake said.
"Hey now," Dirk said.
"Seriously, Dirk? The killer robot?"
"The killer robot was awesome."
"I suppose I should be grateful you made it when we were thirteen," Jake said. "A couple years later and it would have been half neon pony."(c)
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Так, на сегодня я выдохся. х)

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